A trusted partner who can help you move your business ahead

Don’s passion and dedication helped us excel and increase our revenue from $100,000 to almost $2,000,000 a year.

– Gat

How I got started on this path

Growing up, I always loved two things…numbers and data processing (actually three, after I met Ellen). So in high school and college, I learned programming. This was back when computers were room-sized monsters you fed with punched tape and cards.

But programming seemed impersonal, so I switched majors and graduated with a business degree. Hired on as an internal auditor at a large retail chain. Returned to school for a master’s degree in accounting. Married Ellen.

But there was a problem. I absolutely hated auditing and tax. That ruled out most jobs for people with my degree. I wanted to help people run businesses better, faster, and easier. I tried consulting with a national CPA firm but spent all my time crunching data.

After Ellen finished her nursing degree, I joined a telecommunications company that was looking for someone to help manage growth. We were meant for each other. They promoted me to US Controller, and then to VP Global Finance Systems. Our team of 200 programmers and analysts managed the company’s financial systems, handling over $20 billion a year in sales.

I left the company in 2001 to work in a not-for-profit organization with partners in Eastern Europe and Asia. There, I met friends from other races and nationalities, economic backgrounds, and faiths.

In time, I returned to what I loved best…helping people run their businesses better, faster, and easier. For the last 20 years, I’ve been an independent consultant, offering highly personalized services to a select group of business owners.

Ellen has spent the past dozen years working as a preschool teacher.

When we’re not at work, Ellen and I like hiking and biking outdoors. We especially enjoy being with our two children and three grandchildren who all live nearby in the Nashville, Tennessee area.