How I can help your business move forward

Your business is unique. It reflects your talents, personality, style and schedule. This means what you need to be successful will be different, even if just a little, than anyone else.

My approach involves seeing you as an individual, listening to your goals and needs, and then formulating a proposal that reflects what we’ve learned from speaking together.

With this in mind, here are skills and resources I can offer…

Don and Jerry are brilliant at what they do and two of the nicest men I have met in the accounting world.

They were able to take a very intimidating aspect of our practice and make it easy to understand.

– Mark

Financial Processes

I love working with accounting managers, bookkeepers, and others to develop world-class accounting processes that work for your business.

Frequently, that means spending time on-site to see how things really work. With remote workers, it can mean sharing screens and learning what employees wish they could do to be more accurate or efficient.

I don’t show up thinking I have all the answers. No one is that smart.

What I offer is a collaborative, encouraging, and well-researched approach that draws on your team’s strengths and my decades of experience working in a variety of industries. Working together, we can drive innovation that will optimize your business.

Financial Systems

You need timely, reliable information if you’re going to succeed. And it can’t cost an arm and a leg.

Is this what you’re getting from your computer systems today?

Let me help. I assist small and medium sized business with:

Choosing software. I can help you explore the best options for your business. Choose from QuickBooks™, Xero™, AccountEdge™, ComputerEase™, and others.

Choosing hardware. Not sure where to host your system? I can explain, in plain English, the trade-offs between DIY and third-party hosting.

Installation and set-up. Let me help install and configure your new system. I can set up your chart of accounts, service and inventory items, customers, vendors, employees, and manage integrations with other systems like Shopify™. Already have an accounting system? I can help you migrate data and settings from your old system to new.

Financial Coaching

In running your own business, you’ve had to learn what it takes to keep your customers, suppliers, and employees happy.

But, really, how much do you know about business finance? Things like managing cash flow, reading financial statements, interacting with bankers and CPAs, and dealing with all those government programs!

Don’t feel bad. I could never do what you do. But I can help you manage the financial side of your business. Together, we can develop an effective business plan, use financial data to drive better decision making, and help you think through the countless decisions you need to make.

A good coach listens carefully, asks thoughtful questions, and helps you seek answers. If you had a good mentor in the past, you know what I’m talking about. That’s the person I want to be for you today.

Representative projects and results

Construction company

Implemented a new accounting/HR system supporting over 1,000 W2’s per year. Automated customer pricing model, enabling instant quotations. Assisted with bank loan applications securing working capital for growth.

Project success factor

Enabled company to handle 500+% revenue growth over four years.

Not for Profit

Helped an emerging not-for-profit retool its financial systems. Reduced monthly billing cycle from days to hours. Coached board members on effective governance.

Project success factor

Enabled organization to handle a six-fold growth in grant income and pass its first audit.

Real estate investor

Helped a self-storage investor adopt a flexible accounting services model, improving budgetary controls and lowering overhead costs.

Project success factor

Enabled client to handle 200+% revenue growth over 48 month period.

Surgical practice

Worked with business manager to enhance financial management practices. Created a slice-and-dice dashboard for the practice’s two locations.

Project success factor

Enabled client to see profitability by date, doctor, location, and procedure. Users mastered the tool with only a few minutes of training.